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The Happiest Hour Drinks

Intensify Gummies


Ever heard that eating a mango before you partake will intensify your experience? Fascinating, right?! Why would that be? Mangos are high in myrcene (and so are our gummies!) which can help certain compounds pass through the blood-brain barrier and may increase their effectiveness.

All Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Hexametaphosphate (As Preservative), Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate (As Preservatives), Caramel Color, Yellow #6, and Yellow #5.

If you're pregnant, nursing, or regularly taking any medications, please consult with your doctor prior to use.


What terpenes are in intensify?


This terp is found in mangos, lemongrass, and hops to name a few. So, what does it do? We’ve already talked about its effect on the blood-brain barrier, but there’s more! Besides elevating your experience with cannabis, it can help you relax and feel nice and comfy.

when should you take it?

You (as long as you’re an adult) should take this up to 20 minutes before you partake in your favorite pastime or take anytime you need extra support.


You can also take Intensify with Wake, Calm, Mend, or Sleep which may magnify their results! With the right companion, any hour can be The Happiest Hour!

what are terpenes?

Giving plants their personality, terpenes are aromatic compounds in plants responsible for their characteristic scent and flavor such as pine, lavender, and chamomile. Basically, they’re what makes your favorite things so awesome. Just like inhaling a lavender essential oil can alter your mood and reduce stress, ingesting such terpenes can have a similar effect. Naturally derived from plants, fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices, our terpenes are masterfully blended by our resident terpologist to maximize their benefits. Whether you want to wake up or calm down, The Happiest Hour has a terpene blend for you.

Intensify Gummies


Customer Reviews

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Jake Reinert
Great aid to your sesh!

I have tried all the happiest hour drinks in the past and have been a huuuge fan of their affect on the effect of your session. However the shots can get pricey so I’ve been hoping for an alternative - and this is it! Granted, the shots do taste a bit better IMO, but the gummies still taste great and are such an amazing cost effective alternative, or addition, to the shots. Thank you thank you thank you for these products!!! Also if these were carried at shops in Washington state it would be legendary. 🤘✌️



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