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The Happiest Hour Drinks

Companion Collection

5 Pack, 2 oz. Bottles

5 Pack of 2 oz. Bottles

One of each of our five Companion Shots: Sleep, Calm, Mend, Wake, & Intensify!

*This product does not contain THC or any other cannabinoids.
For a list of ingredients check each individual product.

If you're pregnant, nursing, or regularly taking any medications, please consult with your doctor prior to use.

Companion Collection



Have fun trying them all and picking your fave!

Customer Reviews

Based on 425 reviews
Amber Copley
A must try!

I have horrible anxiety and a yucky high tolerance. Literally ALL of the bevs helped me but Calm and Intensify helped me IMMENSELY. I was also lucky enough to try Bliss which isn’t in the companion pack (or it wasn’t at the time). It also helped me so much, I can’t wait until you guys can make it a teensy cheaper so I can order them all the time! Great job guys!

Mandi Kenyon
Would Definitely Recommend

The only reason there are four stars is because I didn’t realize how SPICY the ginger was. Now I know to dilute next time. Great product and great people!

Jaiden Hofman
Will be ordering again soon!!

I was so happy with my purchase of the companion pack. I was able to give all the favourites a try and even share one (mend) with my mom and she loved it! You have done an amazing job narrowing down these terp blends for their benefits and made them taste great in the process!

Life changing

I have been dealing with undiagnosed extreme fatigue & exhaustion for a year. Put on several prescription meds with no results, put through many different expensive blood work that also comes back indicating nothing. I've been living off of popping over the counter caffeine pills to get me through my work days. I've tried numerous supplements, vitamins, you name it, all without helping this debilitating tiredness. I have found my God-send with The Happiest Hour terpene shots. I thought for sure Wake would be the one that would be most l and likely to help me, but per Tiff, one of the owners Tiktok post, she said to try the multi 5 pack to find the terpene that works best for you. Come to find Mend is my Saving Grace to give me life! Helps with my fatigue, energy levels & motivation! I take one shot 1/2 hour before work starts (along with a shot of other fave that helps my mood) and then another Mend shot after lunch, around 1:30pm to get me through the rest of my work day. Thank you Tiff & Josh for your miracle products!

Leslie Manker
Total relief in one pack

I enjoyed the flavors of all the shots and they definitely assisted in boosting my levels



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