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Best Good Buddies Box


Our best good buddy, SG, created this box for ayou and your best good buddy, so you could experience a perfectly crafted day.

Saturdays are for shenanigans, so you can start your day with intensify + wake to get up and moving.

After the midday safety meeting, add in bliss to become acceptable for human interactions.

The wind down of the day is where in mend + calm paired with some spicy candy help the relaxation really begin.

End with a sleep shot, tuck yourself in and have the most excellent dreams.

2 of each of our 6 best selling shots.

Bliss- our blissful blend, take anytime you need a more positive perspective.

A note from our Co-Founder, Tiff- “I have severe social anxiety. Bliss helps relieve those stressful feelings, puts my mind, mood, and body at ease, and lifts me up so that I can walk into events and meetings confidently.”

Intensify- Mango Myrcene Wellness shot #IYKYK

Wake- 100mg of caffeine with our uplifting blend for good energy without the jitters. Take anytime you’d like increased focus and heightened clarity.

Mend- our pain reducing, anti inflammatory blend to help you feel better. Mend is a SPICY ginger shot, so mix with pineapple juice or OJ of spice isn’t your vibe.

Our snoozy blend to help you get more Zzzs. Take 20 minutes before you tuck yourself in.

Our soothing blend of terpenes to help increase your peace. Take anytime you wish to unwind.

Best Good Buddies Box



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